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> Publications > Treatment patterns, statin intolerance, and subsequent cardiovascular events among Japanese patients with high cardiovascular risk initiating statin therapy
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Immortal Coin
Immortal Coin Future of Biotechnology.

Many think that immortality is something that only mythical and supernatural creatures can have, however nature has shown us that immortality is possible and many organisms living on Earth today are already immortal or at least do not age like we do. Biological immortality (also called bio-indefinite mortality) is a state in which the rate of mortality due to age-related deterioration is stable or decreasing, thus decoupling it from chronological age. Various unicellular and multicellular species, including some vertebrates, achieve biological immortality either throughout their existence or after living long enough. However, one must remember that biologically immortal living beings can still die from means other than old-age, such as through injury or disease [1].

Scientist believe that biological immortality might be related to the fact that the rate of mortality as a function of chronological age may be negligible at extremely old ages — a theory referred to as the late-life mortality plateau. For some organisms, the rate of mortality may cease to increase in old age, but for humans that rate is typically very high. As a hypothetical example to illustrate this, there is only a 50% chance of a human surviving another year at age 110 or greater [2].

In humans, one of the events associated with ageing cells is related to telomere length. A telomere is involved in protecting chromosomes from deterioration. In order to function normally, cells in our bodies must keep dividing to replace cells that are worn out or damaged. During this division process, our genetic material must be passed on to the next generation of cells. This genetic material inside cells is arranged in strands of DNA called chromosomes. At the end of these strands is a protective ‘cap’ called a telomere. Each time a cell divides the protective telomere ‘cap’ gets shorter. When they get too short, the cell loses its ability to renew and divide, which leads to deterioration and subsequently aging.

As opposed to humans, Planarian flatworms — one of the immortal organisms, continue to amaze scientists with their apparently limitless ability to regenerate cells. They are able to maintain telomere length indefinitely so that they can continuously replace and regenerate aged or damaged tissues [3].

Aside from flatworms, nature provides us with several other cases of biological immortality. Hydras, for example, are simple, freshwater animals that have the amazing ability to regenerate, allowing them to recover from injury and to reproduce asexually. All hydra cells continually divide. Researchers suggested that hydras do not undergo age-related deterioration, and therefore are biologically immortal. The underlying mechanism of their immortality is also linked to the ability to maintain telomere lengths. Biologists succeeded to keep a Hydra in the lab for more than four years — which is incredibly long time for an animal that only measures 15 mm. Moreover, at the end of the four-year experiment, Hydra looked as youthful as on day one [4].

Turritopsis dohrnii is a small (5 millimeters) species of jellyfish that uses trans-differentiation to regenerate cells after sexual reproduction. Scientists described how the species — at any stage of its development — can transform itself back to a polyp, the organism’s earliest stage of life, thus escaping death and achieving potential immortality. This finding appeared to debunk the most fundamental law of the natural world — you are born, you mature, and then you die. The anthropomorphic analogy is that of an old man who grows younger and younger until he is again a fetus. For this reason, Turritopsis dohrnii is often called the “Benjamin Button jellyfish” [5].

Although lobsters, are not immortal in the traditional sense, studies suggest that they may not slow down, weaken, or lose fertility with age, and that older lobsters may be more fertile than younger lobsters. Nevertheless, they are listed between organisms with the longest lifespans, their longevity may be due to the expression of telomerase, an enzyme that regenerates telomeres. Telomerase is expressed by most vertebrates during embryonic stages but is generally absent from adult stages of life. However, unlike vertebrates, lobsters express telomerase as adults through most tissue, which has been related to their longevity [6].

Biological immortality is not an unfamiliar concept in nature. Therefore, scientists started to investigate into the premise that biological aging can be halted or reversed, which would have an enormous impact on life extension possibilities.

Several experiments confirmed that targeting senescent cells extends the life-span of lab mice, suggesting that treatments aimed at killing off these cells, or blocking their effects, might also help to combat age-related diseases in humans. Cells that are no longer able to divide — called senescent cells — were closely linked to old-age related diseases, such as kidney failure and type 2 diabetes. Senolytics, a new potential class of drugs that selectively remove senescent cells, could therefore be an attractive treatment strategy. [7]

In 2009, Elizabeth Blackburn at University of California, San Francisco won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, for proving that telomeres could be maintained by the activity of an enzyme called telomerase. This discovery opened new doors for anti-aging research, and scientists soon began to investigate into the possibility of lengthening telomeres. In the following years, studies confirmed that telomere extension can turn back aging clock in cultured human cells [8]. More recently, US based company, BioViva Sciences Inc. has taken research to a new level and announced that they have successfully reversed 20 years of normal telomere shortening, over a 7-month period. The experiment began in 2015 and the beneficiary was Elizabeth Parrish, the CEO of the company. This surprising result is based on the average T-lymphocyte (white blood cell) telomere length compared to the American population at the same age range. However, it remains to be further investigated whether the success in lymphocytes can be expanded to other tissues and organs, and repeated in future patients [9].

It’s hard to answer with absolute certainty when we will be able to successfully apply these treatments in humans, however recent progress in medicine allowed us to identify important mechanisms involved in biological immortality and scientists are confident that noteworthy progress in extending human life is imminent.


1. Biological Immortality. (accessed on 23.10.2017).2. Rose, M.R., Rauser, C. L., Mueller, L. D. (2005). Late life: A new frontier for physiology. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 78(6), 869–878.3. Is Biological Immortality Possible? New Research Suggests “Yes”. Skechers BOBS from Womens Highlights Flexpadrille Wedge Navy Sail hot sale for sale cJ6jPLa
(accessed on 23.10.2017).4. Martinez, D. E. (1998). Mortality patterns suggest lack of senescence in Hydra. Experimental Gerontology, 33(3), 217–225.5. Can a Jellyfish Unlock the Secret of Immortality? (accessed on 23.10.2017).6. Klapper, W., Kühne, K., Singh, K. K., Heidorn, K., Parwaresch, R., Krupp, G. (1998). Longevity of lobsters is linked to ubiquitous telomerase expression. FEBS Letters, 439(1–2), 143–146.7. Childs, B. G., Gluscevic, M., Baker, D. J., Laberge, R.-M., Marquess, D., Dananberg, J., van Deursen, J. M. (2017). Senescent cells: An emerging target for diseases of ageing. Nat Rev Drug Discov, 16(10), 718–735.8. Telomeres, Aging and Cancer. (accessed on 23.10.2017).9. First Successful Anti-Ageing Gene Therapy, Claimed by BioViva. (accessed on 23.10.2017).

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Best Practices vary from environment to environment, and there is no One True Answer, but still, this represents a consensus from #git and in some cases helps you frame the discussion for the generation of your very own best practices.

Table of Contents

Knowing where to look is half the battle. I strongly urge everyone to read (and support) the Pro Git book. The other resources are highly recommended by various people as well.

Git only takes full responsibility for your data when you commit. If you fail to commit and then do something poorly thought out, you can run into trouble. Additionally, having periodic checkpoints means that you can understand how you broke something.

People resist this out of some sense that this is ugly, limits git-bisect ion functionality, is confusing to observers, and might lead to accusations of stupidity. Well, I’m here to tell you that resisting this is ignorant. Commit Early And Often . If, after you are done, you want to pretend to the outside world that your work sprung complete from your mind into the repository in utter perfection with each concept fully thought out and divided into individual concept-commits, well git supports that: see clearance store cheap online cheap price fake ASICS Womens GelNimbus 19 LITEShow Carbon/Snow/Reflective 25 cm amazon for sale EHcvUQgA
below. However, don’t let tomorrow’s beauty stop you from performing continuous commits today.

Personally, I commit early and often and then let the sausage making be seen by all except in the most formal of circumstances (public projects with large numbers of users, developers, or high developer turnover). For a less formal usage, like say this document I let people see what really happened.

As long as you have committed your work (or in many cases even added it with git add ) your work will not be lost for at least two weeks unless you really work at it (run commands that manually purge it).

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if you want to fix a particular problematic commit or commits, as opposed to attempting to locate lost data.

When attempting to find your lost commits, first make sure you will not lose any current work. You should commit or stash your current work before performing any recovery efforts that might destroy your current work and perhaps take backups of it (see Backups below). After finding the commits you can reset , rebase , cherry-pick , merge , or otherwise do what is necessary to get the commit history and work tree you desire.

There are three places where “lost” changes can be hiding. They might be in the reflog ( git log -g ), they might be in lostfound ( git fsck --unreachable ), or they might have been stashed ( git stash list ).


The reflog is where you should look first and by default. It shows you each commit that modified the git repository. You can use it to find the commit name (SHA-1) of the state of the repository before (and after) you typed that command. While you are free to go through the reflog manually ( git log -g ) or searching it ( git log -Sfoo -g ), you can also visualize the repository using the following command (Look for dots without children and without green labels):

These innovations will transform the nonprofit sector too. We predict that mission-driven organizations will initially adopt AI to build organizational capacity—improving effectiveness and sustainability by strengthening fundraising, marketing, administration, and other skills, processes, and resources. Capacity-building investments are often similar across organizations. One fundraising, accounting, or communications solution can, with a bit of tweaking, often meet the needs of many organizations. As a result, technology investments in capacity building can spread quite quickly through the nonprofit sector, and we expect this will be the case with machine learning-based solutions.

Many nonprofit organizations use relationship-management databases from Salesforce and Blackbaud to manage their fundraising. These services are already beginning to incorporate machine-learning features, which means organizations will soon be able to use data-driven models to predict donor behavior, and more accurately forecast year-end giving and other financial targets. The accounting package Bostonian Mens Delk Pace Oxford Black free shipping footlocker finishline low shipping fee online cheap factory outlet LDM54POpL
is another popular tool among nonprofits. It is also adding machine-learning features, particularly those aimed at automating the categorization of expenses and other accounting data. In this way, machine learning will simply become a new feature in known tools, and the barrier to using machine learning in these contexts will be relatively low.

Chatting for a mission

All of the biggest tech companies have developed chatbot technologies, which increasingly use AI to answer text-based queries, and made them available for other software developers to adapt for new uses. Mens Saucony Vendetta eastbay for sale QhSaNL8aRl
improve their responsiveness by responding conversationally to requests for information and other simple questions, much like an automated frequently asked questions (FAQs). Corporate customer services are also increasingly deploying chatbots. For nonprofits, chatbots will play an important role in handling smaller donations and other, more routine interactions.

Chatbots can also be developed for more innovative applications. In 2016 the NGO charity: water created a chatbot that simulates conversations with a fictional Nike Air Max 1 LTD Mens Running Shoes Obsidian New Slate Wolf Grey 400 cheap fast delivery cheap 2014 x2RcKz1r2t
as a way to raise awareness about access to clean water. Organizations are also experimenting with using chatbots for research purposes, such as interviewing people in Nigeria and Haiti on the state of food prices and food security.

Four obstacles to widespread adoption

The next phase in the adoption of machine learning in nonprofits and social enterprise will be slower, but its impact will be utterly transformational, as machine learning makes organizations smarter about what they do and drives down the cost of their work.

Before that transformation can take place, however, the field will need to overcome four obstacles. The first is funding. For organizations to benefit from AI beyond the specific application of capacity building, they will need tailor-made, program-related machine learning applications. Each individual organization will bear much of the cost of development of these specialty products. In the eyes of funders, that increases the risk of investing in these new technologies.

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Hey Jeff,

YES! I have. Most recently with moving his content to his new SparkToro website. Always had a hunch that /wp-content/images work better than CDN images and secretly uploaded a few images onto Rand's WordPress site (Rand's the best I knew he wouldn't mind! :)) to then pull into pages and they worked like a charm. Had several in Featured Snippets for some of his older Whiteboard Fridays (like "How to choose a domain name"), but they have since not returned. It seems G doesn't like our CDN images as much? Will keep you posted!

You will definitely see Featured Snippets fluctuate due to your change, however I would continue to encourage G to index your new site properly and feed that content back into Google. The proper redirects should help as well. Keep me posted Jeff!

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Great topic, lot's of questions answered in this video... but that hair though! Cleaning pages is where I'm at right now. Also appreciate that you give an honest shout out to AHREFs capabilities vs Moz and SEMRush

Britney Muller
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Hey Mike! My hair does what it wants and houses all of my SEO secrets.

Keep me posted on the page clean up, it's worked really well for Moz so far. Had to give compliments to our competitive tools, know many SEOs use several and want to be as helpful as possible.

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Hey Britney. I loved this Whiteboard Friday, and I learned a lot- thanks.

Quick question:

You mentioned that blog post summaries at the bottom of the page or at the top work really well, and that Google often pulls them for the snippet. I understand the bottom part- summary=conclusion .


But what confuses me is this:

If the summary is a the top, won't that discourage people from scrolling down and reading the content?

Is it worth it to have more people leaving early just to try and gain the snippet?

If a summary is shown in the snippet, won't that affect click-through rate in a negative way?

Or is it a necessary trade off; A clashing of numbers hoping that spot #0 in the SERPs brings in more click than it takes away?

I know I ask a tonne but I am curious to see what you think

Thank you again for this awesome Whiteboard Friday,

it got me thinking:)

Britney Muller

Great questions Nikola!

1. It's sort of like the inverted pyramid in journalism. It's ok to tell people, what you're going to tell them up top and then dive into the details below. There will be exceptions but it's worth trying on appropriate pages..