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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Reputation Management Agency?

Online reputation management Defender addresses content that clients consider false, intrusive or embarrassing. By creating content, profile and social websites, forums, blogs, press releases and other targeted websites, Reputation Advocate influences what those searching for information find online. The end result is that transparent, honest information approved by our clients displays the information that best represents them.

How did my reputation get tarnished in the first place?

Reputations are damaged for a number of reasons. For businesses, it is not uncommon for competitors to make false profiles online and attack your company to try and improve their own sales. Customers are eager to express negative thoughts following a mediocre experience with your brand, but are less likely to share their positive experiences. In some cases, blatantly hostile remarks may be made on blogs or in news articles simply because the author is biased or feels it will improve their readership. For individuals, the answer is a little bit different. Negative reputations online can come as a result of party photos, legal claims that are public such as bankruptcies, divorces or arrests, or may even come about because somebody with your same name has a negative personal record and now it is reflecting poorly on you. The possible situations are endless, but you can stop the effects of such content in their tracks. Reputation Advocate delivers the solutions.

How will you track my progress?

From the time you meet with us, we will help you to understand what reclaiming your online identity needs. Our clients participate in the participative creation of content that will be seen by everyone online while safeguarding personal information and privacy. Every client is assigned an account manager who acts as a day-to-day single point-of-contact for your project. Building your online identity and Digital Brand is done over time, so that end results are organic and long-lasting.

How soon can I see results?

Our verbal and written assurance to our client is for your project to experience positive movement for your new content within 30 days of approving all your custom content. The total duration needed for each project is determined by the complexities, the source of the negative content and the number of complaints.

What can you do to guarantee that you will help my reputation improve?

A lot of false claims are made by companies providing similar services to ours. Doing your due diligence can seem very difficult since the two main questions most often asked are: "How Much" and "How Long". We will never make false promises or mislead you. Instead, we would be happy to discuss openly what we can realistically accomplish for your personal and business needs. Allow us to present in meticulously what your project needs. Please call us today to get the no-pressure conversation started.

Can you delete negative pages or reviews?

In most cases, we cannot. The only person who can delete a page, review or any other article is the manager of the website itself. Usually, they will not do this, unless they are legally-bound to do so. This is especially true when a negative review is pushing the traffic to their website. We all know how bad news attracts people. Instead, what we can do is suppress negative comments about you deep down in the search engine results, making them difficult to find and rarely seen.

How should I respond to negative attacks?

Simply put, you should not respond, nor place any additional content on the sites at issue, nor should you rebut allegations. Additional content in any form, whether good or not, only contributes to the algorithms determining the negative site as more authoritative.

How did some of these pages get my personal information?

In many instances, web pages that serve as directories derive as much information about a person as possible from public databases. This information is then collated in one area and made more easily available. You would prefer to have such information kept private and not lumped into a single harmful site. While it is next to impossible to have these sites remove public record information about you, it is possible to push pages containing your information further down in the search results so the information becomes less visible. Please contact our team today to learn more about what specifically we can do to assist you.

Can I learn more from or even confer with other clients you have helped?

Our job is to help you keep your negative information private. Therefore, we have a very strict privacy policy against giving out any information about our other clients in order to protect them from being misrepresented somehow. We know you would appreciate the same, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer the highest level of privacy available online to clients availing of our services.

We help people like you turn their online image around.

Through our advanced technology and using a highly-developed system that requires significant time, energy and a lot of science, we can help you get the online reputation you truly deserve. We work diligently to propel your positive reputation to the degree that accurately portrays the real you. Here is how we do it:

  • Lower negative search results. You may never be able to delete a negative comment, but we work to bury it deep in search engines to make sure it is rarely seen and very difficult to find.
  • Put the best technology to work. We have spent years developing a solution that will aid our clients derive the best image online. By using the science behind search-engine algorithms, we achieve the goal of getting the pages you want to be at the top of the list on the first page of the search results.
  • We do the heavy-lifting. After working closely and collaboratively with you at the start to determine your wants and needs, we take over the hard work while you sit back and watch your name skyrocket online.
  • Results are seen quickly. From then on, we work quickly to produce the results you expect. While we may not be able to mend or improve your reputation overnight, we strive hard to make sure you get the fastest results of our efforts possible.

In the end, you need a partner to assist you build the reputation you have worked hard to earn for yourself. Call us or write us today to learn more about how our team can transform how you appear in Google, Bing and other popular search engines, and protect yourself from making a negative first impression based on write-ups, pictures and pages beyond your control.

What will be asked of me during this process?

We know you are busy managing your life and business, so we will only inquire about things required to get the job done accurately and quickly. At the start, we will need to collaborate with you to produce new, original fresh content tailor-made to your unique profession or your business. We manage your project in a very collaborative way since you will have to live with the end-results of what is found online. We do all of the hard work for you, create everything and allow you to review and approve all that is published on the web regarding your project.

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